Friday, September 20, 2013

Powershell Script - More Logparsing Multiple Servers

9/20/2013: I've been putting in a fair amount of time recently repetitively Logparsing the IIS logs on several regions of CAS servers

-- I'm attempting to guage MS Lync 'Exchange Web Services' load and demand on our production CAS's, ahead of new Lync capacity rollouts overseas --

So here's another quicky code chunk that I routinely grab and put to use for Logparsing multiple CAS servers of IIS logs.

It's a simple variant of my prior post "Powershell Script - Tip: Delimited String "Contants" & Multi-server Logparser scripts", only this time, rather than substitute in the entire LogPath, I'm foreach looping through the CAS server names.

Here's a specific example I just used this morning that builds a multi-server set of looped LogParser queries to pull out and group the Client 'agent' strings for all EWS traffic, and output the result into a csv file, leveraging substitution of the proper $CAS server name within the target UNC path to a log file...

Logparsing multiple servers, by foreach-ing an array variable
Language/Tools: Powershell, MS Logparser
Target: EMS or Powershell, parsing Exchange 2007/2010 CAS Server IIS logs
# comma-delimited server name array, 
#   foreach into logparser command
# Note: edit/update the logname string, to specify variant dates
# one-line follows (manually wrapped for clarity)
foreach ($CAS in $CASs){
write-host ("`n" + $CAS) ; 
.\logparser.exe "SELECT cs(User-Agent) as Client, count(*) as Hits INTO $CAS-EWS-ALLClients.csv FROM '\\$CAS\e$\Weblogs\W3SVC1\ex130919*.log' WHERE cs-uri-stem LIKE '%/EWS/%' GROUP BY Client ORDER BY Hits DESC" -o:csv 

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