Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Powershell - Test a file list of mailboxes for Outlook Latency

9/18/2013: Another quicky broad troubleshooting script. This one is aimed at quickly answering those, "Users are reporting slow Outlook Response. Is there an issue?", helpdesk escalations.

Run Test-MAPIConnectivity against a list of mailboxes and report access latency

# one line follows...
get-content .\list.txt |
get-mailbox |
Test-MAPIConnectivity  |
select Server, Database,Mailbox, Result,
@{label="Latency(ms)";expression={($_.Latency.Milliseconds)}} |
ft -auto | out-default

Typical output:
Server     Database Mailbox      Result  Latency(ms)
------     -------- -------      ------  -----------
SRVR-MAIL1 Mdb01    TestU1, User Success          70

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