Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two is one, one is none

And this... why I run both Google Drive & Dropbox. This morning Google Drive fired up on my laptop and promptly threw the prompt above, and refused to sync in the latest changes from home. 😒

I use drive sync'ing to pull daily changes in files back and forth between work & home. And I frequently hit the ground running in the morning, and don't have time to monkey with mandated forced-marches to, "The Latest Revision™", that the above reflects. *eyeroll*

All of which means, having my data concurrently synced into Dropbox as well as GDrive, keeps me rolling when one of the vendor's unilaterally decides to  fold it's tent. Keeping some fault-tolerance in critical links helps yield up a smooth, impact free, and productive work flow. Regardless of vendor mandates...

And don't get me started on the New-n-Improved™, "Patch & Regression-testing's for Weenies!",  methodology behind releasing half-baked patches for apps like Office 365, Windows-itself, and any number of 'modern' rolling apps. 😒

Sure, when it comes to security - for yer granny - Herd Immunity's a thing, and has statistical benefits across thousands to millions of folks. But that doesn't help much when you're the individual that got floored by the vaccine. 😜  And as a power-user, it's more important that I get my work done quickly and with minimal hurdles, than it is that I be 'protected' from clicking idiot-exploit links that I'd never go near with a 10-foot-pole...

Yea, it'd be nice to have some choice on the patch timing.Patching reboots and downtime per month seems to have _doubled_ now that Office 365 runs it's own patch requests, out of sync with desktop patching... Used to be one set of Black Tuesday patches per month could get'r all done neatly. Ahh, for those less-thrilling days of yesteryear. :D

Is it just me, or have vendors gotten awfully dictatorial in the last 5 years?  Heh, welcome to, "One Size WILL Fit All!"

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