Monday, August 22, 2016

Microsoft to push all-in-one Windows updates - gHacks Tech News

Should be titled "Windows 10, coming back to your computer whenever Microsoft feels like it". The first thing I thought of, when I started seeing pundit's peddling the party-line on the announcement below, was that MS just side-stepped folks (like myself) who manually tear out some Windows Update patches immediately after monthly patches. Odd coincidence I just tore back _7_ Windows-10-peddling & MS data-spying patches from my Windows7 and Windows8.1 machines, yesterday. And now, we find out that Microsoft is taking away your ability to even pick and choose between patches at all: Starting in October, they're just releasing a _single_ patch for Win7/Win8 just like they have been for Win10. I've been shifting more and more of my machines at home to Linux, with this baloney, it looks like I've gotten fresh motivation to start looking at the laptops along with the utility roles (home theater pc, file server, music server).
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